The Bell Canada Boutique Repair Bag!
Elgin, Quebec Canada
Oct/96- UPDATE!
Finally! Completed repair- No more boutique bag.

Three winters ago, a metal cover somehow got knocked off one of those green telephone junction 'monuments' in a field near our house. It was probably hit by heavy snow tossed from a snowplow.

The boxes are part of the buried telephone cabling system and serve presumably as access points for Bell Canada technicians to check/modify/repair the connections.

Anyhow, the telephone service managed to survive, and within only three weeks, the resourceful Bell repair service had quickly fixed the broken monument with a plastic 'Bell Boutique' bag and some duct tape wrapped tightly around it.

Well, that duct tape survived almost two years. Pretty impressive. A year or so ago, the duct tape finally rotted away and now, during a strong wind the boutique bag blows off, exposing the wires to the elements.

When this happens, we just retrieve the bag from the field, and dutifully place it back over the monument. I'd fasten it with duct tape again but I'm uncertain whether Bell Canada would credit my bill for the cost of the tape...

However, it's a credit to Bell Canada that their boutique bags are so sturdy. I don't think a supermarket bag could have lasted this long. And the telephone system still keeps humming away (sometimes literally) with those exposed wires, even during a strong rainstorm. Recently, however this hum has become more noticable, and our modem speed has dropped drastically from its once 28.8 kbs. (Thank God for V34/V32bis!) And of course we've given up all dreams of installing an ISDN connexion. We're probably beyond the 11000 ft exchange limit anyhow.

It's probably time to replace that Boutique bag with one from Sprint, Unitel or perhaps even Nynex just across the U.S. border. We are currently researching this possibility. The bag has to be extremely durable, if it is to meet the excellent standard so far set by Bell.

Tours of this momument and its slowly deteriorating bag can be arranged for interested parties. Just e-mail me. But do it soon- I don't know how long the phone connection will last...


Want high-speed?
Still think the telephone company provides only dial-up to rural internet users?
Updates! -
Sept, 1996: The bag has been replaced! Once again, a sturdy metal cover now graces the box. Oh well.. Winter is coming. And with it the snowplow. ;-)

Oct, 2006! - Bell Canada Rural Initiative! High speed 10 YEARS AFTER ! Check it out!

Jun, 2021 ! - NEW! A PETITION! Sign it!

Stay tuned for more exciting rural Bell Canada Hi speed news about Michael Sabia and George Cole !

Bell's Sabia, George Cope and Gort (forbidden Planet) caught in LOVE NEST!

A HIGH SPEED fiber-optic love nest, no less!

Being led away sobbing, in handcuffs, Michael Sabia weeped that
"George Cole should take our high-speed fibre optic cable and shove it up rural peoples' asses, not their laneways!"
"Bell Canada shouldn't GIVE A DAMN about these rural hicks!
High-speed internet service should be only for rich executives like us!".
With his tony boutique bag, George Cole seemingly agreed, but was too afraid of the CRTC to comment.

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